Sleeper is a game about being a cultist and brainwashing people by typing words. 

Words operate autonomously like little creatures. Your goal is to wipe the targets' minds as quickly as possible. There is also a random button to give you inspiration if you're unsure of what to type.

Fullscreen recommended.

Fonts from DaFont: Poppin and Oh My by Chuu Pipi, HEROLD by SheillaType

Music by Parker Walker

Everything else by delphonso.

Made in one week for Godot Wild Jam 50.
                 In the spirit of the jam, I've left the bug in place that allows you to just do Practice rounds to perform the ritual without counting down time.

Theme: Ritual, Wildcards attempted: Animism (words moving)


Download 56 MB
Download 54 MB


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What an interesting concept. I wish I knew how it worked, though. It feels like it isn't random, but it's hard to find a clear pattern in how it operates.

I think this game idea is the most likely for me to return to and take another crack at it, once my skills have improved. In this version, the word you input is used as the seed for the random() function that determines things such as "strength", "movement frequency", "movement distance", and a few other variables I've forgotten. There's also something involved with the string length, but as this was a jam game, the details are fuzzy. 

This means that in general, longer words are "better", and also that words behave the same way every time you put them in. Originally the idea was to do some fancy math on the words so that similar words would behave similarly. I never got to that point, but I'm still interested in that. I'd also like to allow words to meet and generate new words, as if they were little bugs running around and birthing new bugs (obviously some mixing of the words together).