Hope you enjoy. This was the first jam game that me and B made. 

MoveAD, Arrow Keys
JumpW, Space, Up arrow
ShootLeft Click
ReloadRight Click, R

Gigantum is a small challenging platformer, you can sacrifice UI elements for greater speed, jump, and damage. (To make the sacrifice, return to the menu after death.)

Lead programmer: cvbu (xlqz)

Art/music/programming: delphonso

Background art: https://0x72.itch.io/16x16-robot-tileset

Bullet sprite: https://kayillustrations.itch.io/futuristic-asset-icons-tile-set

Thanks to these two for their excellent free assets! Wish we had utilized them better!

Install instructions

Should run as is, if there's any issues - let me know.

Apparently Mac is broken, sorry. I'll try to upload a fixed export whenever I can test it.

For Linux, you may need to go into the properties of the x86_64 file and toggle on 'allow executing as file'.


Gigantum_Win.zip 37 MB
Gigantum_Linux.zip 38 MB
Gigantum_Mac.zip 51 MB

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